Journey of The Autoimmune Slayer



It’s finally happening! MY website has gone live!!! I'm sure most people in this day and age would think “ok and?What's the big deal?” haha. Well if you know me, you know I'm not tech savvy and yes I've had an amazing support system along the way. However, saying we've run into some road blocks is an understatement!

Three years ago, when I started this journey of self healing and stepping into my purpose and finding my heartbeat seemed like a distant goal. Heck, I have felt that way up until a few months ago. I had to let go of the fear of things I could not control and soon I began to realize that it’s not about me, it's about my message. It’s about my experience and my WHY. Why am I doing what I do and how it will impact others going through the same things?

So here I am. One step closer to stepping into my light. One step closer to helping you do the same. One step closer to allowing myself to be vulnerable enough to share my truth.

It's easy to share the good, and all the accomplishments, but to me, what’s most inspiring is sharing the raw truths and struggles of how I got to where I am. The here and the now. So buckle up because I am just getting started!

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