Advocacy and Awareness

Advocacy and Awareness

It all started when I participated in the Scleroderma Society of Ontario's annual walk. Little did I know that starting with a group of ten people would soon become an annual tradition of family and friends, with a group of more than 60 people. 
As the years went on, my team became bigger and the money we raised was even higher. My team, the “The Autoimmune Slayers” have been the top fundraising team for the past 4 years. I also began showcasing my F#!K SCLERODERMA apparel at the walks, and it just took off from there.

I started to become more involved in the Scleroderma community, and was thrilled when I was invited to participate at Queens Park annual "Scleroderma Advocacy Day". Since then I have participated at several other speaking events. Recently, I was asked to join the Board of Directors for the Scleroderma Society of Ontario. Also, The Scleroderma and Fibrotic Disease Foundation, featured my Scleroderma story in a recent article of Scleroderma warriors. READ FULL ARTICLE.

During this Covid pandemic "Spin Research" for Scleroderma, was kind enough to offer virtual Scleroderma support groups. I am honored and privileged that I am now leading this initiative. I am the group leader for individuals that have been diagnosed with Scleroderma. I offer information to support their needs with knowledgeable speakers, facilitate open discussions, as well as offer support and a positive outlook on living with Scleroderma. 

My biggest and greatest breakthrough that has changed my whole narrative about this disease and has in turn changed me and is reflective of my new life philosophy. 

"There's always a reason, there's always a lesson, there's always hope"

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